“Les Irreals Visions” 3rd Track/Video Premiere

Time for premiering the 3rd Track of our upcoming new album “Les Irreals Visions”, to be released next June 9th through Season Of Mist.

The video for the song ‘ALTARS’ is a new visual experience developed alongside the team we are used to work with. Again, there’s a lot of us in the process of making this video, emotionally and physically, as well as from the people we trust and allows us to achieve the best results. Thanks to all of them!!

There’s an important sentence within the lyrics of this song that claims “… At the margins of the road, big altars stand up…”, which develops the idea that when we are taken to our personal limits, a door to a new reality may appear. Following the topic on “Instants”, the Altars are a metaphor of those moments of change. We are no longer what we were; we are images of ourselves, and a reinvention for better or worse.

Memory is an important element in the album, an extension of human experience on inhabiting the world. A net of places, ways, wefts and bounds shapes our daily experience and builds our Life at many different levels. To feel its beauty it is mandatory to inhabit the space, embrace it and live it with the body and memories accumulated over time and experimentation.

Script & Production | FOSCOR
Edited by Falke
DoP & Camera Operator | Adrià Escanilla
Photo & Production Assistant | Raquel García Photography
Main Character | Carlos Serra

We really hope you enjoy and feel this journey as much as we did…