Release date: November 9th, 2014 © ALONE RECORDS

"Those Horrors Wither" was FOSCOR's 4th full-length studio album and came at a time when the band decided to take the first gigantic step away from the confines of Black Metal.

1. Whirl Of Dread (06:26)
2. Addiction 06:03)
3. Senescència 04:32)
4. L.amor.t (06:58)
5. Those Horrors Wither (05:50)
6. Graceful Pandora (03:52)
7. To Strangle A Ghost (06:34)

Extra tracks
08. Shysteroos *
08. Pioneers Of The Void **

* Digipack additional track
** Gatefold Vinyl additional track

Produced by Foscor
All music by Falke, Fiar & A.M.
All lyrics by Fiar.

Falke: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Effects
Fiar: Vocals & Bass
Nechrist: Drums
A.M.: Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Guest musicians
Exclusive ambient transitions composed, performed and recorded by the following guests during summer 2013:
Obsidian Kingdom | featured on "L.amor.t" ending | appears courtesy of Season of Mist
Peter Bjärgö ( ARCANA, SOPHIA, CRYPT OF KERBEROS...) | featured on "Those Horrors Wither" ending
Sathorys Elenorth | featured on "Shysteroos" ending

Recording & Mixing
Recorded at Nautilus Recordings March 2013
Engineered by Iban Puigfel & Falke. Additional drums edition by Txosse & Wheel Sound Studio.
Mixed by Iban Puigfel September 2013

Orgone Studios, Jaime Gomez Arellano, London/UK, November 2013

Cover Art by Manuel Tinnemans for Comaworx

Maria Picassó / Ideophony (IHSAHN, OBSIDIAN KINGDOM)

Available formats
Digipack CD (+ bonus track*)
Gatefold LP in Black & White vinyl (+ bonus track **)

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