“Cançó de Mort” 3rd single & video premiere

Ladies & gents,

Please let us introduce you ‘Cançó de Mort’, the 3rd and final single from the upcoming album “Els Sepulcres Blancs”.

The song translates as ‘Death’s Song’, a sort of lullaby previous to entering into the world of dreams. A farewell tune when our weaknesses and threats around become stronger enough for defeating us.
We can’t wait any longer for you to check the whole album in September, and expect you to have a sort of summary of the different moods and layers we have played with in a new episode for what we started in 2017 with “Les Irreals Visions”.

Counting with sG collaborating on vocals pays tribute to an example on how constantly going forwards with the own skills, until controlling them enough for becoming a unique entity ready to speak to the world. His bands Secrets of The Moon and Crone have broken the rules with an own voice, and are one-of-a-kind with no comparison within the scene. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your example and the privilege it supposes. To the personal life shared moments.

The video describes that personal journey and how dealing with our possible emotional death. Nature, where we belong to, has the final word in an almost definitely broken social world we must keep dealing with.
We wish you enjoy this new delivery of tragic darkness.

Video credits.
Script, Direction & Production. Foscor
DoP, Camera Operator. Falke
Edition. Esteban Portero & Falke

Music by Foscor
Guest vocals by sG ( Secrets Of The Moon, Crone )

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