Foscor – ‘This Twilight Garden’ (The Cure cover)


It’s always exciting to share new music with you… and despite this is a new cover of a 90’s icon, we really hope you recognize Foscor in this The Cure‘s ‘This Twilight Garden’ translation…

For some reason, this love song resounds in our hearts since we heard and read its content decades ago… Its foggy ambience, subtle care of the details and sweet description of the acts, perfectly match with the way we have always conceived music in Foscor. Even more during these last years since “Les Irreals Visions” conception, and our creative future was chosen.

Indeed, Fiar considers this his favourite The Cure song, and always wondered how could only be featured as a B-Side of that album, without the fair recognition he felt it deserved… At the end, this is a song all The Cure fans know and value for its beauty, which now we try to translate once again into our language, celebrating the milestone it is.

The gross visual connection chosen for the visualizer has obviously nothing to do with the real lyric content… but from our hearts sets and shows a trace of things to come… our next album. Love in capital letters as an act of closure for our trilogy you will discover at due time. At the end, we all love the beauty of darkness and the tragic world we live in.

30 years mean too much time for too much things, but is worth celebrating when the purest emotions are involved in a song and band like The Cure.

Once again, we hope you enjoy and share the celebration!

To all of us, and for many more years of tragic darkness…



Produced by Foscor

Music arranged by Albert Martí

Vocals arranged by Fiar & Albert Martí

Drums arranged by Jaime Díaz-Otero & Albert Martí

Recorded, mixed and mastered in March 2022 by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios



Vocals by Fiar

Guitars & Bass by Albert Martí

Drums by Jaime Diaz-Otero

Artwork photography by Jordi Farré

Visualizer / Lyric Video filmed and edited by Visual Noise Barcelona